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Charlotte Area "Cars and Coffee" Jan 3th - North Lake Mall ext 18/I77

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Charlotte Area "Cars and Coffee"

Exotics/Sports Cars/Classics

Date: Jan 3rd (The first Saturday of each month- weather permitting)

Time: 9 am- 11am (or until you want to go home)

Location: North Lake Mall (I-77 Ext 18) Panera Bread Co. (Between Panera and Fox and the Hound)

6801 North Lake Mall Drive- Charlotte NC 28216 #704.921.0013

See you there!​

Hello All,

My name is Michael and I wanted to inform you of an exotic/sports cars/ classics car event that I have been working hard to put together in the Charlotte area. I am a certified "car nut" like many of you on this forum or site. Since moving to Charlotte I was stunned to find that there has not been an organized event like this in the area until now!

The concept is similar to what they have in Los Angeles and a few other cities in the US called "Cars and Coffee". It is a gathering of mature car owners who just want to get together with other owners with similar interest representing many different makes and models of cars. It is a monthly gathering on the 1st Saturday of each month. The second event will be on January 3rd (weather permitting), @ 9:00 am-until. That way you can hang out in the morning, talk a bit, gawk at cars, gather those who want to go for a drive and still have the rest of your Saturday to do your 'honey do lists'. Whoever shows up, shows up. You come and go as you please.

We meet and park at North Lake Mall ext 18 off I-77 near the Panera Bread Company (separate parking between Fox and the Hound and Panera- that way we are out of the normal Panera traffic and have the lot to ourselves- it makes for better photo opportunities!). I have worked with the management there and with the landlord of the property to OK the gathering. They are more than happy to have us and even said that they would set up a special line for us in Panera to get our coffee and head back out.

In our first event on December 6th we had 45+ cars show up, which was amazing! It was well attended by owners from Charlotte, Lake Norman area, Winston Salem, Greenville-SC, Hickory, and Greensboro. We had several makes and models represented which was great. It included : Acura NSX, Lotus, GT-R (3), Ferrari, BMW, Audi, Z-Cars, Porsche, Mercedes, Mini, S2000, etc. . . .

I have posted on about 15+ sites and forums to spread the word of this event. My vision is to host a "pure" car enthusiast event that will be consistent each month and as the word spreads we will grow the event into a permanent fixture in the Charlotte car scene.

If you know of other web sites that cater to car enthusiasts and collectors feel free to post this there. I know many of you will have had a great holiday season and will be looking for a reason to stretch your car’s legs and get out of the house, this is a great outlet!

See you there!

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