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Hello All,

Thanks to all for the kind notes of encouragement on trying to keep our 'little' event afloat! Yes I hate that we have to move such a good thing due to a few hiccups but it is what it is now. All things happen for a reason and we hope to find a new local that is bigger and more accepting overall. It has taken us three years to get the word out to grow this event so I don't expect it to transform overnight. I informed the North Lake Commons property manager that many have heard of this via word of month and the internet postings do little to drive them to the event. I guess that this may take 2-3 months to really get around that this has moved so the pressure is on to find a new home.

This is proving to be a bigger bear to move than I originally thought. The suggestions that some of you have given has been good and are a tremendous help to this cause. The challenge is that none of them have been able to fit the key criteria (this may be a root cause of the issue of finding a place, maybe no place is perfect!).

-it needs to be near a main artery of the city. (I-85, I-77, 285, etc). Too far into the interior and logistics gets to be an issue.
-it has to be a location that has facilities open early enough to purchase coffee, breakfast foods, and be able to use the restrooms on site. Also our presence can't be a hinderance to traffic, existing businesses or public safety.
-it has to have property owners or managers that are accepting of the concept and willing to be a host (bigger issue than many of you can imagine)

Not a long list but one that has proven to be a bit challenging to fill. Please continue to send suggestions my way and I will check them out. I do not claim to be an expert on all things Charlotte so your help is appreciated greatly. Be patient and we will have a solution very soon. Please forgive me if I don't respond right away, I have managed to post this on around 40+ different sites long with Facebook and Linked In which has created an administrative surplus as you can imagine.

Thanks again,

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