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Charlotte Area "Cars and Java" at the Lake- Feb 7th

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Charlotte Cars and Java at the Lake- FEB 7th

faka: (Charlotte area Cars and Coffee)

Exotics/Sports Cars/Classics

1st Saturday of every month
February 7th 2009

Panera Bread Company

North Lake Mall (I-77 Ext 18) Panera Bread Co. (Between Panera and Fox and The Hound)

6801 North Lake Mall Drive- Charlotte NC 28216 #704.921.0013

9 am- until

Weather Permitting
See you there!​

We are quickly coming up on our 3rd event Saturday, February 7th. I am extremely encouraged by the turnout of the last two events. In December we had 45 cars and in January we had 60+ cars (probably would have had a lot more if the unexpected inclement weather had not come out). Thank you to those that returned for the second event and thank you for those that invited friends to join in on the fun. This event will continue to grow among car enthusiast as we spread the word of the great people and cool hardware involved.

As a die heart “Car Guy” it was awesome to see the vast variety of makes and models and the various owners that carry with them the passion and knowledge of their cars. I truly met a lot of very good people with interesting stories that share a common interest in cars which surpassed my expectations of this inaugural event.

At the last two events we have had several NSXs, Ferraris, BMWs, Suburus, Audis, Minis, S2000, Mercedes, vintage Corvette, Porches, 350Zs, GT-Rs (3), several Lotuses, a Lambo, and many that I am probably omitting! Some great hardware! My goal is to create a lasting event here in the Charlotte area that caters to the enjoyment of cars and everything that goes with them.

Below is a list of sites/forums that I posted this event on. If you can think of other sites and forums please feel free to post them there as well.









Thank you.

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Check out this website for more info and pictures
Hello Fellow Car Nuts!,

Cars and Coffee is this Saturday, Feb 7th (1st Sat) 9 am- until!
Panera Bread @ North Lake Mall ext 18 (Harris Blvd) off I-776801 North Lake Mall Drive Charlotte NC 28216​

I looks as if the weather will be spot on for Saturday! Low of 36 F and High of 65%, a perfect day to stretch the 'legs' of your favorite ride after a long winter's nap!

This being our third event word has really spread. I have gotten responses from numerous sites, forums and web blasts. We may top close to 100+ cars with the feed back already, and this is ahead of my predictions of topping that number in the summer months.

Remember that we are trying to fill the lot closer to "Fox and Hound" 1st because it does not get the regular traffic that early. If we need extra space we can start filling in between Jared's and Panera if we have to. Try to back in the spaces if you can.

I look forward to seeing everyone and everyone's cars. Please be careful in your travel up and respect the site that we are borrowing. It should be a blast!

See you Saturday!

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Very simply stated, but a great description for the turn out at "Charlotte Area Cars and Coffee" Saturday! We were fortunate to have great weather and it brought everyone out in droves! I stopped counting at well over 180+ cars as we spilled over to the adjacent parking lot.

Several special additions to the event were the numerous Corvettes, Minis, NSXs, Lotus, Porsches, Ferraris (CAFE), Subies, S2000s, Aston Martins, BMWs, Cameros, Firebirds, Lexus and many, many more. I know a great time was had by all enjoying beautiful cars and conversing with other "car fanatics".

I look forward to the weather continuing to get better and our next event which will be Saturday, March 7 at the same location. Pictures will be posted on[/B] soon, feel free to log onto the forum on there as well to chat and to post pictures that you took as well.

As this event continues to grow and in order to keep it safe, fun and in tact we need to make sure of a few things:
  1. I would like to push up the start time to 8 AM so that we can avoid the hot part of the day as we get into the summer months. It will also allow us to take advantage of the empty adjacent lots if we need them before the patrons and employees of the restaurants start rolling in around 11 AM.
  2. We are now on the radar screen of the Mecklenburg Police Dept's North Division, which is not a problem because we are on mall property which we have permission to be on, but on the access roads leading to the property and the main highway they will be patrolling 'helping' us adhere to the speed limits. The road behind the mall is a great straight away but it is only 35 mph and some have been popped there. So be cautious and slow down a bit. Also as a mature crowd continue not to peel out, race through the parking lots or ignore common safety.
  3. In order to say within the good graces of the mall management company please be kind and dispose of your trash in the trash cans around the property. We are doing a great job so far, so keep it up! I spoke with them and they are willing to add additional receptacle as needed.

Thanks again for a great turn out. Hope to see you all next month and remember to tell a friend!

Have a great month!

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