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The Story;
a Check Engine Light (CEL) sent me to the Aston Dealership to replace the Fuel System Evap Pump ($1100 + labor) and yesterday I spent the day driving my 2007 V8 Vantage. It is a rocket ship! I stopped at the emissions testing place two times, at 240 miles and 324 miles since the repair and still the emission’s computer is “Not Ready” to report, and all the emissions guy can tell me is to….
- “drive the car for a couple more days”.

The Question;
Does anyone out there understand these emission systems enough to help me nudge the computer system with the right kind of data it wants to complete its report and pass the emission test ?

Can I let the car idle for a day to get all the emissions data without adding needless miles to the odometer ?

How do we keep these cars running long term and turn them into classic cars with these modern electronic computer systems ?

- puzzled in Texas
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