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Comment on DB9 Review

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Good morning. I'm relatively new to this forum but I wanted to get some feedback from owners. I've owned a 2009 DB9 for 2 years now. I absolutely love looking at the car and sitting in it. From my view the Aston is one of the most beautiful cars on the road. The issue is when I drive it I find the suspension to be rather unforgiving and basically feel every bump in the road. The interior cabin noise level is unacceptable as well. The bluetooth is absolutely embarrassing for a car at this level. I've had the microphone changed at the dealers suggestion and I still use my iphone speaker instead. The nav is cumbersome as well. My question is to those with newer models. Have these issues been resolved in the Aston? Is it because the car is five years old and thats the technology for that time? I'm considering trading to a new one and would like to know. Thank you.
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I am presuming your car is a DB9 coupe.

If a softer ride quality is more what you require you may want to try a Volante version.
+1 Wayne, Volante all the way for me too matey.

These cars are always going to give someone grief in some areas and it does shock me that such a marque is plagued with issues on both the older stuff and indeed the newer stuff considering what we have to pay out for them in the first place.

One would think they would be Bullet proof but sadly they are not.

Maybe you should have your suspension bushes checked out or as Wayne suggests, go take a Volante for a test drive and check the differences for yourself.

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