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I currently own a vantage V8 2008 and I use it daily. I bought it at 62,000 km 3 years ago and now have done 120,000km so basically 20,000 km a year.
My running cost was very good as appart from wiper blades and its pump I had no major failure. only annual services.

So I was very pleased with the car in that regard.

I am now looking at buying my next aston martin and I have the choice between a vantage v8 2015 N430 12,000km and a vanquish 2013 (8 speed gearbox version) with 35,000km

Their purchase cost are not too far so I am wondering if I should do the step to the vanquish or stay with a second vantage v8.

My main worry is to die under the running cost of a vanquish.

Could you please share your experience and help me in that decision process?


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