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I don't think that Avon were making radial tyres while Aston was run by David Brown. I know that if you asked for radial tyres Cinturato was what they offered. However, i don't know if they offered other tyres as well. which is really what i'm trying to find the answer to with my provocative post title. But i searching for some facts andd any proof i could get would be great.

Early cars like DB2 , DB2 MK3 , DB2/4 & early DB4 fitted 600V16 Avon TurboSpeed cross ply tyres, (which are now only H rated) for people that were on a budget or weren't discerning motorists. However the top specification cars would request 185VR16 Pirelli Cinturato tyres & if you wanted the full monty and could afford it you could specify Borrani wheels like Aston Fitted as standard to the DB4GT Zagato

Relatively these days these top specification items are cheaper. Cinturato 185VR16 are only £ 239 + VAT and Borrani are only £ 1269 + VAT

Fair enough if you are shopping on price you can get a 185VR16 Avon TurboSteel for only £ 179. But quite right too because it is completely the wrong size and looks nothing like a tyre from that period;. because it isn't. and when you look at one of these 16" wheeled felthaam cars with these modern '80s tyres on them they look totally wrong. specially when you compare it to a car with correct size tyres on like the Michelin or the Cinturato.

i haven't managed to up load any pictures to this web site to prove it but if you look on some of the earlier web pages you will see it.

Oo, maybe this will work

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