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DB 7 Work on There on Car?

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Is there is anyone here that works on there own Aston Martin? A 1997 DB7 coupe is for sale and am wondering if there are any common problems with these machines or things to "look out for". Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance
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I would also be interested in an answer.
I conduct all my own work on my GT. It's not hard as the DB7's on all guises are relatively simple machines.

Just ensure you use genuine parts where applicable.

The earlier DB7's had more niggles though they also had a LOT more Jaguar parts fitted, which means they are often easier to fix.
I experience with Vanquish and DB9 models in my own garage, they are rather complicated beasts, but no worse than any Range Rover,Ferrari, Jaguar or Lotus that I have worked on.

The parts are rather expensive when obtained via the dealer network, but like many other exotics with some research and digging alternative more economic sources can be found.
Andrew , would it be possible to have a sticky thread on here for members to list sources of parts manufactured by Jaguar, Ford and Mazda etc. that were used on the DB7 ?

It would be a great tool for Aston DB7 owners who like working on their own cars.
Parts List

This list already exists on the AMOC forums.

Look under the Bloxham section, it's a sticky there.
Yes I know.

Thought it may be a good idea to have such a list on this forum also.

On the AMOC forum Its more like a rambling thread with guys chatting about this and that, I had a vision of more of a concise list that members could quickly access.

Just a thought.........
Sorry I didn't mean to say that we do not need one here.

It was more along the lines of you can take that list and reformat it for here.

Rather than starting from scratch, the list over there is a good start to be added to.
You are probably right, this forum is pretty quiet , the AMOC forum seems to be more active ATM.
97 db7 coupe automatic 1st gear whine

Hi,I am a new member and new owner of a 1997 DB7 Coupe with 38,000 miles with a automatic transmission The car runs very well but there seems to be a whine from the rear of the car in first gear. This noise goes away almost entirely when going to 2nd and third. I never drove another db7 so I dont know if this is inherent to the vechicle or not. I would appreciate any info !
I have a GT which is a 2003 and a manual, so I have never driven an auto Aston before, I have driven Auto Jag's which share many of the parts.

The thing is, a whine from the rear would be the diff, however if it only does it in ONE gear then it has to be gearbox related.

The first step would be to have the transmission fluid drained and changed, also any filters that may be present as some auto boxes also have a filter.

It may be prudent to have all the drive belts checked as noises have a habit of being very sneaky in that what you may think is a noise form the rear, may very well end up being a noise from the front that is simply travelling under the car.

These steps above are service items that would benefit the car anyway unless you have proof these have been carried out recently.

It could even be the supercharger itself, obviously the loading on the engine and ancillaries will be different in 1st gear from the others.

So, change fluid / filter and all drive belts. If the noise is still present try and get it on a lift where you can go through the gears and have someone identify the specific area of noise before going any further.
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There are a couple of answers to this post in another thread which may help.
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