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DB11 Brake Shudder - braking from 60mph down - awful customer service

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I bought a CPO DB11 Volante with 5k miles and after 1500/2000 miles of driving I am getting this issue - violent shuddering of brakes when braking from 60mph down to about 40mph. I had a major service done in March (bought car last August) and reported the shuddering then. Dealers response was to balance all wheels and replace 2 x rears (charged for, which made zero difference). Took car back in a week ago, saying problem never fixed (and reached out to AM North America Customer Service).

Dealer's tech accompanied me on test drive to see/feel the shuddering (which they confirmed, and told me in car that is was 99.9% brake discs and pads issue)

Car is still at dealer as their warranty claim for rotors/pads was allegedly rejected. I am incensed by this as customer service response was that I should take Volante back to dealer and have them swop out tires and wheels with another DB11 to see if this made a difference

My dealer said they would have to charge for several hours of diagnostic labor etc - this is 100% unacceptable. Plus the suggestion of swopping wheels/tires wouldn't even be acceptable on a Prius...

I had previously owned a 2019 Vantage which was an ownership disaster from day 1, and thought after 3 years I would buy the DB11 as a CPO with peace of mind. Wow was I mistaken. I thought any work that was due or observed within 3000 miles of purchase was to have been covered by CPO, and wasn't expecting a debacle over what should or should not be covered (by the way over $6k for replacing rotors/pad is the quote (after paying $6k for the major service 1500 miles after purchase)

A complete lack of interest in customer retention/service ...not much else I can add.
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Probably is a disk/pads issue. I would guess zero chance it is covered by the Timeless warranty. ( if that is what you meant by CPO)

Any interaction I've had with Aston NA in the last couple years has been pathetic. A real collection of boobs. Sorry to hear about your issue but not, in the least. surprised.

My local dealer seems good but eye watering pricey, as you've experienced.

I had a Timeless warranty on my Vantage, and decided against renewing.
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