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Hi All,

My father owns a DB2 washboard Aston Martin but it has the wrong bonnet on it currently (mrk III Bonnet). The car is getting restored at the moment and we are trying to locate an individual with an original washboard to potentially take a 3D scan of so we that we can produce a buck and therefore the period correct bonnet. Unfortunately we are located in Australia and this is the only DB2 washboard here meaning we are trying to locate someone internationally to help us out. I know this is a bit of a stretch but with the virus we cant come over to England and all leads that we have of owners aren't responding. These cars are peoples pride and joy but if you would be willing to help we will get a professional company to come and take a scan of the bonnet and it would be much appreciated. If your willing to help or know someone that could potentially help please message me or email me on [email protected]

Kind Regards Hugh,
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