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Hello out there.
Whilst replacing the dip headlamp bulbs on me DB7 Vantage, we discovered behind the access panel in the wheel arch liner, a length of piping which is attached to the back of the headlamp cluster. So far so good, as the purpose of it is, I believe, to keep the headlamp from misting up with a supply of dry air from the air-con system. However, some unknown cowboy in the past has decided to rip them off at the supply end and stuff the now redundant pipe down the back of the lamp housings. That's both headlamps incidentally!
So here's the question, where was the pipe intended to go to in the first place? My guess is that it ran along the top of the wing to the bulkhead (which it is long enough to do) but I can see no evidence of where it got it's feed from. The corrugated pipe ends in a rubber connector which was evidently retained with a clip to something.
Incidentally, I can't find any reference to it in my Workshop Manual either.
Anybody met this before?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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