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I am French, so please excuse my English; I will try to be as precise as possible!

I do not drive often my DB7 Vantage; it is a week-end car that I use every 2 or 3 months, and not often in winter time.
When I do not use it, I just use the "battery switch off" button which is located in the rear trunk of the car.
When I want to use the car, I put the battery on by switching on the yellow button that is also at the very rear of the trunk (vertical position close to the rear seats at the center of the of the car).

When switching the battery on, the alarm goes on in most case, and I am struggling to stop it with the remote key.
Usually, I manage to succeed after several tries.
Then I manage to start the car normally by pressing the red start button.

Nevertheless, I have several times experienced an unusual and critical situation. Driving the car normally on the road, the alarm starts suddenly to go on, sometimes shouting all the time, sometimes going on then stopping, then going on again. I am getting nervous, because I never know if this will happen or not, and when it is happening, it is very annoying due to the crazy noise of the alarm, and because all people are staring at you, as if I have stolen the car!
The strange thing is even the alarm continue to go on shouting, you can still stop and restart the engine, and therefore use the car.

Have you experienced such problems?
Do you know if there is an easy (not costly) way to just deconnect the alarm, since the car works perfectly well apart from this annoying alarm problem.

Many thanks in advance for your insight for helping me to resolve this alarm problem.


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How old is the battery on the car?

Even though the car starts the battery may be showing signs of age and need replacing.

Also check all fuses for corrosion.. ensure all contacts are clean and dust free (white dust).

Hope this helps.
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