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So after a lay up my DB was stuck in Park.

I checked the brake light switch and all ok.

So to look at the shifter, and lock solenoid, you need to remove the gear surround, so first remove the radio....which you can't with the lever in P!!!!!! and unlike many other makes there is no hidden button to release.

So after a long saga of stripping the centre dash backwards from the footwells it is out. There is a little bit of corrosion on the lock solenoid, a quick clean up and oil and we are in business.

On reflection, there is a way to release a jammed solenoid. Take out the central cubby space bottom, and release the 2 screws just to the rear of the ashtray, then you can lift the gear surround just enough to get a long thin screwdriver in from the drivers side and push the end of the solenoid to release.

Things I wish I had known a couple of days ago.

Now to put it back together.
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