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DB9 (2005) Gearbox Tutorial and Information/diagrams?

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Hello gentlemen, this is my first post here. I am researching DB9s and considering one as a next car. This would be my first AM, and having been an MB, Porsche, and Ferrari owner & enthusiast, I find the wealth of information lacking compared to those other makes.

The most reassuring thing in my research is learning that the DB9 is fitted with a ZF gearbox, 6speed automatic.
This is one of the biggest factors for me, as I live in a very hot environment, and both my F355 and F360 experiences have been haunted by the F1 system. Mainly, the oil's temperature, electric pump, TCU programming, and such.

Thus, thinking of the AM to be just as reliable as my auto-box Pcars (993,996), I am now in the process of wishing to learn EVERYTHING on how the system works.

Any links, diagrams, instructions, experiences, pictures of the gearbox will be greatly appreciated.

1. How does this 6speed gearbox compare to, say, a Tiptronic S from the 997 models?
2. Is there any hydraulics involved with the DB9 gearbox?
3. Is there any electricity (pump or otherwise) involved in the DB9 gearbox?
4. What is usually required for servicing the transmission, on a regular schedule?
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Allow me to share those pictures as a friendly gesture. :)


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