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DB9 coming soon

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Hello to everyone. Hopefully by the end of November I will have my first Aston. The met. black DB9 has been on order since early June and is currently going thru the water blast stage at Gayden. Not alot of posting here. Is it because of the limited number of Aston owners? Can't wait to take it for a "spin!"
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In the US, the numbers are very limited, hence not a lot of posts. More owners in the UK but most tend to be much older and not active on the internet.

Perhaps you can get you local Aston dealer to pass on details of the site to other owners.

Evo magazine has had quite a few articles on the DB9. You might check for reprints via their website. Otherwise the Aston Martin Owners Club should be of help.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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