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My observation is that most Aston Martins have very low mileage, which means they are driven infrequently and/or for short trips. I think under such driving I would change oil much more frequently than once a year, more like twice a year or 3000 miles whichever comes first.
I have not seen the internal clearance specifications for Aston Martin motors. They may be a bit looser than say for a Ford, but modern motors generally have much tighter specs than motors say of the 60s. My guess is that the Aston Martin motors are not significantly looser than other high performance motors. Whatever, it is simply prudent to be kind to any motor. Avoid any spirited driving until the oil is fully warmed, and the clearances tighten. This usually takes at least ten driving miles, no matter what the coolant temperature indicates.
I think it is also prudent to monitor your oil level. It is so easy to do. I do it when the motor is cold after an overnight park. That way I have a more consistent readout than reading oil level when filling with gasoline. It takes some time for all the oil to trickle back down to the sump. Periodic oil checks will keep you appraised of your oil consumption rate, so you can plan.
If the oil light ever illuminates, don't waste time wondering what the problem is as you have very little time before the game is over. Coast to the side of the road and call for a tow.
I note that Mercedes and BMW have eliminated the dip stick and gone to an electronic oil level indicator. While this is partially a good move, but retaining the dip stick as a back up makes more sense to me.
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