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DB9 - new/rebuilt engine

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Greetings, all,

I'm considering picking up a 2005 Aston Martin w/27k miles. I have not seen the car, but it is said to have a 'ticking noise' in the engine, 'like a lifter' or something similar. I'm thinking worst case, and a rod is about to go.

Anyone know a ballpark for a rebuild job on a DB9? or a whole new engine? I know it will be $$$$, but I can pick up the car for a decent price.

Thanks in advance,

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DB9 Engine Ticking Noise

My response is coming late as I'm new the forum but I am currently dealing with the same issue.

I'm the third owner of a 2005 DB9 with 26,000; have all records and it's been maintained on schedule.

I recently took it in for annual check-up and mentioned the ticking noise to my service advisor. After making an audio file and sending it to HQ in the UK, I was told that they don't know exactly what is making the noise, but the last time they did, they recommended a full engine replacement. He also explained that it could potentially be a larger bill to tear down the engine, locate the problem, and put it all back together... with no guarantee they will fix the issue.

I've just come from an independent mechanic for a consultation who is convinced that it is a "lash adjuster" problem - the engine configuration of the Aston does not use spring loaded valve lifters like other cars (the example I was shown was a Ferrari v12). The lash adjuster is losing hydraulic pressure and therefore is losing contact with the "Cam Follower", hence the ticking. All of this is illustrated on page 3-10-4 of the 2005 Aston Martin DB9 workshop manual.

Can't wait to suggest this to my Aston dealer service department.
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My dealer told me a new engine is about 17K.
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