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Went to look at a 2011 DB9 Thursday. I was depressed at how small it was inside :( Although to be fair I'm 6-2 with long legs. I drove a 1st gen vantage a few years back and it was tight but I was comfortable. I found seat room specs for DB9 but I can not find anything on the 1st gen vantage.

DB9 Front Seat Dimensions
Front head room 36.3 in.
Front leg room 43.0 in.
Front shoulder 54.8 in.
Front hip room 55.5 in.

Thru some research I had read that the vantage platform was the DB9 but shortened. Is that true ?

So I've not give up yet :)

Can the rear seat bottom in the DB9 be removed, and if so is it possible to move the front seat rails back so it goes back say 3-4 more inches ?

I don't want to modify anything permanently ...


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