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Hi guys,

My 2007 DB9 went in for its annual service and I was told it needed a new TPMS Module unit part no. 4R12-370807-AC as it was broken which was the reason for the 'tyre pressure fault' light. I was a little sceptical as one of the TPMS sensors was broken in the tyres so I thought it was that. I decided anyway to source a used (but fully working one) as Aston Martin were charging £600+.

The car is currently back with Aston Martin and I have been told that this TPMS module unit also does not work and I need to buy one for £600+ (which I understand are reconditioned ones in any case). I was wondering if anyone knows if this is a known issue and if it may be electrical? I am just not convinced it is the module having tried two of them now (including my existing one).

Are there any known issues I should ask them to check before I give up on replacing it?

Many thanks in advance,
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