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DB9 Volante: an imperfect hood mechanism

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Despite repeated requests that I have made to the AM factory, they are still unable or unwilling to modify the DB9 Volante in such a way as to improve the hood operating facility (see below**). When I ran 911 Cabs some years ago, it was possible to easily fit a small cheap relay that, when the roof was lowered, permitted the raising of the pair of two small side windows that came up out of the bodywork (as against the windows that were fitted to both doors ). This made the car much less prone to wind blusteriness and also reduced the wind noise. Porsche even recognised this significant improvement and included it as standard in their later cars. Despite this Aston can't do it and don't seem bothered to devote much effort towards even considering it.

** To include a modification that will permit the raising of all FOUR windows when the hood/roof is lowered.
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