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DBS 6 and DBS V8 Fitted Pirelli not Avon

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I have just been looking into tyres on DBS because i wanted to get it right. This page will get improved probably this afternoon

Aston Martin DBS Tyres (

Here is what i already knew

the 6 clinder cars came fitted with the Avon crossply, but if they wanted radials Aston fitted 205VR15 Pirelli Cinturato CN72.

I don't think the Avon Textile 205 came out until later, and it is really a Rolls Royce tyre, which is why it doesn't have a very good dpssed rating.

All the 6 cylinder cars had wire wheels so need inner tyubes. easy. I know there are companies that claim to make tubeless wire wheels, but if you had seen as many fail as i had you wouldnt trust them. just fit tubes.

The the DBS V8 fitted wider 7" Alloy wheels. My period Pirelli fitment guide says that these wheels need inner tubes. However My Dunlop book says tubeless. But i would go with the Pirelli, because it was a GR/70VR15 Pirelli Cinturato that was fitted. Not the Avon. Again i don't think Avoin were making that in 1969. All the period pictures i have found are with the Pirelli.

Also the Avon 225/70R15 tyre only has a V speed rating, which is why we suggest XWX.
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