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DBS Superlegerra key cloning.

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Does anyone know what key cloning device is compatible with cloning a DBS Superlegerra or DB11 key Fob? I am also looking to have my engine ECU linked back to my car outside of the dealer? I want to possibly update my fuel mapping to run e85 blend as well as taking the governor off.
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why you want key cloning device ?
I rebuild crashed Exotics and the car I’m rebuilding only came with one key. The valet key was lost and I need the valet key to link the new engine ecu that was crushed in the crash to the car. Aston Martin will not link the new ECU to the car with just the one original key. They make you buy a new set so I was trying to find other avenues around buying 2 new keys when I already have one. 2 new keys will cost close to 3k.
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