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DBS Ventilation -vacuum control

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Hi all,
I am new to this forum but not entirely new to Astons. I had a DBS some 20 years ago, but have recently returned to the fold with the purchase of the gorgeous vehicle pictured below (sorry, image uplaod not workling currently)

I am hoping someone can help me, as I cannot resolve the constant hissing from the vacuum switches that control the ventilation/heater. The hissing seems to be coming from the individual switches, even though they all now work.
Can these be replaced and if so from where, and possibly what other vehicles may have used those same vacuum switch devices?
Many thanks

In sunny Western Australia
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Hi Jeff

My DBS from '68 no longer uses it's vacume switch (single type) so I might be able to help you out if you still need it when I eventually come to sort out how I am going to opperate whatever system I do install. On my car the drivers side heater was removed to allow for the new brake servo, so I'm going to have to do something, I just don't know what just yet. In the mean time though, I wonder if you could help me. Is the panel below the radio for the six switches and ignition key original? If so, could you take some close up photos of it as I need to re-create something. I have the panel, but the paint is gone and it is not in a very good condition. I can't see how to make a really neat finish around the rocker switches as there are no bezels.



Isle of Wight UK
I didn't really look at the date of your posting - 3 years ago! I expect you're sorted now. anyway, if you do read this and can help me that would be appreciated.

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