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DBX winter tire setup

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Hi All, have a 2021 DBX and purchased it pre-owned. It came with a set of Pirelli scorpion winter tires (previous owner wanted to keep the summers =( ). Id like to put a set of all seasons on - any recommendations on how to sell the Pirelli Scorpion Winter tires ?
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What size and where are you located? I may buy them from you.
Hi there. Pirelli Scorpion Zero Winter Tires. 285/40 R22 , 325/35 R22. Live in Massachusetts. LMK if you want them. Thanks!
Unfortunately, they are not the right size for my Rapide.
Bummer and best of luck. Rapide is a beautiful car. If anyone has an all seasons set up or summer set up looking to sell please let me know. 285/40 R22 , 325/35 R22
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