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I am from the Porsche Rennlist and have a question for you Aston Martin experts:

anyone dealt with a dealer in the Boston area, Aston Martin Lotus of New England, in Waltham, MA? Specifically, purchased a vintage/used vehicle?

They have a fine looking 1996 Porsche 993 Turbo. As with any high value second-hand cars, I checked into getting a pre-purchase inspection.

When I called the dealer to arrange the inspection, and spoke to all of their sales rep including the owner, got the same message:

Must write out a sales contract and wire $5,000 over before that car leaves their lot, even for an inspection. Refundable if something "major" comes up in the inspection.

First their reason was the "If I had a nickel for every joyrider...." variety.

When I told them I am in Seattle, not in Boston, and I am looking for the car to be driven to the independent shop by their driver (and not me for a joyride), as most other dealers would happily do, and I would be happy to reimburse them for sending that driver to do the task, then their excuse No. 2was "This minimizes our risk of anything happening to the car."

Moreover, they suggested that "the simplest way would be for your mechanic to come over to our shop and do the inspection here. Or our mechanic can do the inspection for you."

The highly reputable mechanic in Natick thought too that was bogus: he would not be able to take the car out for a road test, and he would not have his equipment to do a thorough and worthwhile inspection, including leakdown test. That last bit about their wrenchheads checking out their car for me is just not what an independent inspection is all about.

And finally they kept insinuating that "If you are serious....and want to put down the deposit, which is big, we know, but if you are serious...."

I am serious, but not desperate and stupid.

I can see it: inspection reveals major problem, I say no deal, they say we already have a deal because you signed the contract, I ask for it back and they say "The problem is not MAJOR enough" or "What $5,000...."

Has anyone ever heard of this policy, with this car dealer or any others? Strikes me as their attempt to stonewall a serious buyer from doing what is needed: a thorough inspection by an independent mechanic.

I am still baffled: what do they have to lose by allowing the inspection? What do they have to hide, or otherwise why do they insist on having $5000 ransom just to have the car inspected?

Sorry to sound like a complainer, but I thought I would ask you Aston Martin aficionados because you of all people may have come across this dealer and have heard of this policy.

Thanks for your input!

(p.s. IF I could afford it, I would be owning one of the fine Aston Martins too....James Bond cannot be wrong.)
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