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Deep key scratches on V8 Vantage [Pic Inside]

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Hello Gents. First time poster here.

So it seems someone at a local mall wasn't very impressed with my V8 Vantage and decided to decorate it with his keys. The car is scratched all over. The scratches are pretty deep. Thankfully, the car's color (Quantum Silver) camouflages the scratches from a distance, though up close, they're unmistakable.

Normally I'd have the insurance cover it and get the whole car repainted at the local dealer (too many panels to repaint). However, the only Aston Martin dealer in my area has a very small workshop, which I've seen, and I'm worried that they don't have the facilities to repaint the car back to its original exacting standards. I'm certain they'll be more than happy to oblige and will do their best to take care of their customer, but I'm concerned that if the final result of the repaint isn't acceptable to me, I'd be stuck with it.

Do any of you have any experience with deep scratch touch up or full car repaint? Has it worked out? Any horror stories? Do I have any other options?

As things stand, I'm seriously considering leaving it with the scratches rather than mess with it, but I don't think I can live with that for long. I would love to get it shipped back to the factory for a full repaint, but I doubt my insurance or my dealer would foot the bill for that.

My options are:

1. Buff out whatever I can and leave the rest be.
2. Give it to the dealership to handle and hope for the best.
3. Pay out of pocket to get it shipped to the factory for a repaint (is this even doable?)

Attached is the worst of the scratches on the front left panel next to the bonnet. Note that the flash on the camera exaggerated the scratch, though not by much.


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It doesnt have to be painted at a dealer to be a quality job, in fact in my experience dealership paint shops are some of the worst. Ask around your area for top notch body shops and take your car to the 2 or 3 best in the area and get your insurance quotes. Then get your check and go to the one that you feel will give you what you expect. In all reality if you get a great painter the paint will be way better than any factory job. Look around at the best show cars in the world.... none were painted at the factory. and to your other ? I doubt AM is gonna repaint car no matter the price and if they did it would just be some painter doing what one would do here. When a car is first painted on production line it hasn't been assembled yet and done buy automated machines at least in most cases, not sure about AM but most likely the same way. GL sorry some jealous hater did that to your beauty!
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WebDragon, I am so so sorry to hear and see this on your beautiful car. Such a shame. I do however, agree with BMW tuning about finding a reputable repair shop to do your painting. In my opinion, they can do a better job than what was done at the factory. I had both a VW and BMW painted years ago and the results were nothing short of phenomenal. Just try to find a shop that repairs/ paints high-end exotics and you will be pleased. Also, have them show you examples of their work. Best of luck and please be sure to post pics of the end result!
There is a special place in H___ for people that do this sort of thing. So sorry. :(
As suggested by others: Find a local Body Shop that paints High-end cars. Get it Repainted for sure,don't try to live with the scratches. All you will pay is the "insurance deductible", and you'll be happy with the results. I had a similar thing happen with a Brand New Porsche--still had the Paper plates on it. Repaint worked great as long as it's done by a High End Shop.
Thanks everyone for the commiserations and advice. After having a talk with my dealer, I was convinced to let them handle it. They'll take care of finding a high end body shop to paint it if need be. First they said they'll touch it up and let me be the judge of the results. If I don't like it, they'll get it painted at a high end body shop at their expense and their guarantee.

I should get it back in a week or so. I'll post pictures when I do.

Thanks again everyone.
I finally got the car back from the dealership. I'm happy to report that the touch up job they did was fantastic! It cost me 5% of what it would cost for a full repaint, and the results are much better than I expected. I cannot find any sign of the numerous scratches. Here's a picture of the same spot on the car that I attached earlier, just a different angle.

Thanks everyone for your valuable input and encouragement. I'll be a bit more careful where I park my Aston from now on.


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That is just fantastic! Excellent job! I'm so happy for you! Take good care.
Looks great. The jerk that did it deserves life in a Ford Pinto.................
OH MY GOD!!!! This is my biggest fear in Los Angeles! Soooo much ENVY! I am terrified daily and I have only had the car 1 week.. Vantage S.. I would like to get an invisible electric fence around it.. That would be GREAT! Toooo many people touching it and taking pictures with it. Flattering but not when they touch!
Astonchick, I'm in the OC and I share the same fear as you do. I've had my awesome V8V for 5 months now and it isn't getting easier. Good luck with your new car and have fun! Take care, Mike.
painting is a simple walk in the park, with today's technology getting scratches is as easy as drinking water, even color matching are done scientifically.
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