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distribution cover oil leak (2005 AMV8)

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I comment I have a problem are not resolved in the workshop ASTON MARTIN, twice the cover was removed from the distribution.

lose a drop of oil to cover the distribution, the workshop aston martin, removed the cover and throws an adhesive for sealing oil.

wonder anyone of you has had the same problem, very common in the first units for oil leaks are now twice and still not resolved the problem.

oil takes 15 days in the parking spot,

please materialize, if they have the same problem which has been the solution and what type of glue used to seal oil seals.
thanks in advance


the leak was fixed, losing oil cover distribution, and was removed the whole front, in order to make the operation well, but they throw the adhesive sealant and weeks the leak reappears again.

the first time after repair (the car is 2005), took over 6 months to appear again the leak, now supposedly repaired for the second time, took 1 month to appear the oil leak

Why it happens again the oil leak, the workshop aston martin ..... solutions not give me the time
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This is not uncommon among 4.3 AMV8.

Here's a thread from another forum - Vantage V8 Oil Leaks

Hope this helps.
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