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DIY DB9 Oil Change

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DIY Oil Change for your DB9

Supplies Needed:

· Jack Stands, Jack
· Oil Filter Wrench
· Pliers
· Standard Screwdriver
· 16mm Socket Wrench and Extension
· 8mm Socket Wrench and Extension
· AM Oil filter
· 11qts of Oil (Mobile 1 0w40 or eq.)
· Oil catch Pan
· Shop Towels
· Absorbent pads
· Beer, Ice, Cooler

You will get many different answers on types of oil to use. I use Mobile 1. Any reputable synthetic will do. I found that a Fram PH2 Oil Filter and compatible will fit the DB9. HOWEVER!, when I looked at the many brands of different filters, I found that the number and size of holes was much smaller than the AM filter. While I think it’s ridiculous for an oil filter to cost $64, I was not willing to chance it. I phoned the dealer in the next state who shipped me one out.

1. Put your beer on ice for when you finish.
2. Warm the car up for a few minutes.
3. Apply parking brake
4. Raise the bonnet
5. Raise car and set jack stands. The jack goes under the forward portion of the door. If you look under, you can see the metal area. I use a hockey puck on the jack lip to fit the space and avoid scratching.
6. Slide your oil catch pan under the drain plug. The plug is midway between the front wheels. There is already an opening, so no panel removal is needed.
7. Remove 16mm drain plug and drain
8. Lower the car to level
9. Remove breather hose from air intake hose

10. Remove the connector from throttle body. It can be a pain to pinch down the catches, you may try a small scrwdriver to help.

11. Remove clamp from air intake. You can use a flat head screw driver to pry up the raised portion of the clamp.

12. Remove 4 – 8mm bolts from throttle body and remove from vehicle. Take care not to damage the o-ring. Inspect the o-ring for wear. If it is flattened out, replace. Now is a good time to clean out your throttle body. I recommend doing both of them. Use cleaner from your local parts store and clean shop cloths.

13. Push the air intake hose toward the passenger side.

14. Place absorbent pads below filter. A good amount of oil will leak out.
15. Maneuver filter wrench over the filter and loosen.

16. Remove wrench before you back off the filter
17. Once you break the seal, let the excess oil drain out onto the pads for a few minutes.
18. Take the filter off, while keeping the open side upward. I put my index finger into the threaded opening to bring the filter out of the space.
19. Wipe a thin amount of new oil onto the new filter seal.
20. Reverse the steps. Tighten the filter by hand only.
21. When replacing the throttle body. Do not over tighten bolts and be careful not to pinch o-ring..
22. To replace the clamp, I used a pair of pliers and a flat-head screw driver. Place the pliers on either side of the clamp bends. While holding pressure, insert the screw driver underneath clasp and rotate the head slightly.

23. Once the oil has finished draining, place the plug back in. and fill with 11qts of oil.
24. Check oil level and add as needed.
25. Start car and check for leaks. Re-check after the oil has settled.
26. Clean up
27. Open cooler and crack open beer!
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