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DIY DB9 Seat Cover Removal

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If you want to access the lumbar support or heating element in your DB9;

1. Lean seat forward @ ¼ of the way

2. Pull release handle straight back to slide off. (it can be stubborn)

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3. Pop out retainer in each corner of the rear seat storage flap

4. Pull flap down. It is Velcro on each side

5. Pop off plastic side cover. Notice pin in picture

6. Unplug air bag connector

7. Remove bolt and pull down and out to remove side air bag

8. Pull side leather inward and back.

9. Using a screwdriver, pry off the lower back plastic strip of the suede pieces

10. Starting on one side, pull the edge out from molding. Most of it is held in by metal clips.

11. Push back flap through the seat bottom. (careful not to scratch)

12. The front of the seat is held by Velcro tape within the folds. Using one hand, hold the velcro down, while pulling with the other. The velcro can come off the foam. It is pretty stout, so use a little force.

13. Finally, slide the seat cover off the top, working it side to side.

Now you can access your lumbar system. I was nervous at first, but the whole process was fairly simple. Take your time with it. It took me about 15 min per seat.

I will release part 2 of this post later in the week, explaining why I went through all of this trouble.
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Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
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