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Do I have to pay for a 10000 mile service ?

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Bare with me as this is my first posting on the forum (actually the second, I lost my original posting a few minutes as the site timed me out)))

In March of 2009 I purchased a Vantage V8 convertible from an official Aston Martin dealer. The car had 6000 miles on the clock. The car was bought with warranty until October 2010.

About 3 weeks ago (beginning of June 2010), the dash board message told me that the car needed a service as the clock had reached 10000 miles.
Fine I call Aston Martin, book it in for a service, and also asked them to attend to another issue squeeky brakes- very annoying !

Just over a week ago the service team collected the car from my home and the same day I went to the airport to enjoy a 2 week holiday ( I am still in Greece as I write this).

Yesterday I receive an email from my PA asking if she should pay the £1000 for the service on my credit card as they are return the car.

Pay for a 10000 mile service ? ! I am supposed to pay for this? Surely a car of this magnitude rides shotgun with inclusive servicing like most cars until at least 12000 miles - or am I going mad ?

I can't believe that I am being asked to pay for this?
(a) surely it is still covered by servicing
(b) I was not informed there would be any cost, even though they did inform my PA that there would be a cost of £350 to clean the breaks and £150 to straighten out a plate under the front bumper
(c) The car is still under warranty until October 2010.

I need some help and advice please because as you can probably understand I am not happy about the situation.

Should I have to pay for the service? no notice of any payment required, no quotation? even though other work signalled a telephone call from the service team to my PA advising of cost?

Also squeaky brakes - sounds like a Ford Popular. There reason for squeeky brakes is lack of use and say that they will improve with more use. Is this true? should I be paying £350 to eradicate the noise?

Hope someone can help and advise

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