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Do I have to pay for a 10000 mile service ?

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Bare with me as this is my first posting on the forum (actually the second, I lost my original posting a few minutes as the site timed me out)))

In March of 2009 I purchased a Vantage V8 convertible from an official Aston Martin dealer. The car had 6000 miles on the clock. The car was bought with warranty until October 2010.

About 3 weeks ago (beginning of June 2010), the dash board message told me that the car needed a service as the clock had reached 10000 miles.

Fine I call Aston Martin, book it in for a service, and also asked them to attend to another issue squeeky brakes- very annoying !

Just over a week ago the service team collected the car from my home and the same day I went to the airport to enjoy a 2 week holiday ( I am still in Greece as I write this).

Yesterday I receive an email from my PA asking if she should pay the £1000 for the service on my credit card as they are return the car.

Pay for a 10000 mile service ? ! I am supposed to pay for this? Surely a car of this magnitude rides shotgun with inclusive servicing like most cars until at least 12000 miles - or am I going mad ?

I can't believe that I am being asked to pay for this?
(a) surely it is still covered by servicing
(b) I was not informed there would be any cost, even though they did inform my PA that there would be a cost of £350 to clean the breaks and £150 to straighten out a plate under the front bumper
(c) The car is still under warranty until October 2010.

I need some help and advice please because as you can probably understand I am not happy about the situation.

Should I have to pay for the service? no notice of any payment required, no quotation? even though other work signalled a telephone call from the service team to my PA advising of cost?

Also squeaky brakes - sounds like a Ford Popular. There reason for squeeky brakes is lack of use and say that they will improve with more use. Is this true? should I be paying £350 to eradicate the noise?

Hope someone can help and advise

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I know this is an old post, but a warranty is just that, and a service is a service.

The two are completely different things.

Warranties are there for faults as and when they occur not for servicing.

Squeaky brakes would not normally be a warranty item unless they were new pads that were defective in some way as brakes along with tyres and exhausts etc are classed as consumable items and subject to normal wear and tear.
Thanks for that topic, I find it very interesting.
Some of these subjects never get old :)

Aston Martin Warranties are a very mysterious item indeed.

Over the past few years I have come across some amazing stories where obvious items under warranty are avoided by AM main dealers.

Unless the car is under 3 - 5 years old it's a common train of thought to NOT purchase warranties, but to put your warranty premium to one side in case you need to use it.

95%+ of the time you'll come out trumps and save money!

As for routine servicing, AM charge extortionate pricing for simple items.
I wouldn't advice just taking the car to any garage for servicing, but try to find a happy medium.
There are plenty of independent specialists out there that are more than qualified to work on an AM (even though it's just a car like any other).

Oil is oil as long as you get the correct brand and spec.
Coolant is the same, ensure you get the correct fluids.
Genuine AM filters are easily obtainable.
Sparkplugs.. BUY OFF EBAY!!! they cost 1/4 what AM charge and a plug is just a plug.
(try to fit Motorcraft or NGK)

I myself was quoted £850 with discount for an oil and filter change.. I did it myself for £130 all in.

The only thing with an AM that you need to be careful with are the electronics and anything adventurous, such as a complete engine rebuild as some parts are very difficult to source.

Hope this helps!
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