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Door handle

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I can not open the driver´s door since the door handle stopped working. Now I have taken everything apart but not the window assenbly, just because I do not dare. It is a 2001 DB7 Volante.

However I think the handle itself is broken and that is why it does not work.

Seems so anyway.

Anyone know where to buy a new one and some suggestions where to find a "write up" how to do the job....


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Had the same problem recently. The actual door handle as you lift it to open the door is on a rocker with the handle having two clips that rest on the rocker arm. Would you believe made in cheap old plastic. No glue on earth would fix this, as it works on leverage.
Replace the whole door handle is the only way forward otherwise you will be wearing kid gloves for the rest of the time.
Really frustrating though
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