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Doors do not latch

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Hi - I have a 2002 DB7 Vantage and recently both doors have a problem latching when closed. If you just swing the door shut it will literally bounce back. It takes 3-4 tries, and a good push and hold shut, before the doors eventually latch and the windows snug close. Possibly a battery problem? Thanks for any info.....
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Same thing happened to me. I just wd40’d the door latch mechanism real thoroughly and it fixed it. Might be worth a shot
I had greased real good but didn't help. Will try the WD40 -- thanks!
Ok,, mine started this again and could not be solved with wd 40 this time.
there is a plastic bushing on the door striker that’s extremely worn! I the cut the bad piece off and slid the good part of the bushing to where the latch makes contact. I put a spacer in the area to the side of the striker that holds the good portion in place and it seems to be working perfectly after about 20-30 openings and closings! Might try that if you haven’t solved your problem yet!
good luck

Hi sorry for that very late reply. But I'm assuming you've never fixed this to your satisfaction. I've been through this and can tell you the problem is an adjustment on the inside of the door, which requires removing the door panel. There's a long threaded rod that connects to the door handle on which there's a nut used for adjustment. Unless it adjusted precisely you'll have the problems which you describe. Unless it's fixed you will eventually break you door handle. I'm going to check if I can find either a diagram or a photo to show you.

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