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Hi, I am living in Seoul Korea at the moment and I recently bought a 06 Vantage (German Version). There are no official Aston Martin dealers in Korea and so I have to depend on a tuning garage for maintenance. When I bought it, the language setting was in German and I wanted to change it into English. There is only one garage in Korea that has an Aston Martin diagnostic tester. I was told that there are only about 30 Aston Martins in Korea.
Well anyway, they changed the language to English, which is good, but this is what the mechanic told me.
While he was flash programming my car, he got an error message from the tester as below. (The tester version is WDS)

INFORTAINMENT CONTROL : configuration file miss match (SRS,ABS, .....) AUDIO system

Since the error message, the instrument panel indicates DSC warning and does not go off. There is no response when the DSC button is pressed.
Also the audio system does not work. In the audio menu, there is a menu for car setting and before it used to indicate the VIN number, but now it doesn't indicate anything.
The mechanic told me that he thinks the batch file has been corrupted or deleted, and needs to get the file in WDS format. He has tried all he can for 1 month now and he still has not come up with a solution. Please help!
VIN: SCFBB03B16GC000308 Vantage V8 06MY..
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