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Engine Oil recommendation for DB9

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Hi Folks:

My Aston Martin dealer uses a synthetic Castrol engine oil made for the 'Z' series of BMW's and only available from BMW at $24 per quart. I am wondering what other oils DB9 owners are using. Does the DB9 really need a super expensive BMW lube oil or will any good quality synthetic oil work just as well?

Thanks for the input, Ian
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Aston can use defernt oil i dont know the names now but its depend the location ur some for cold oil or hot oil.

sorry don't know more

Oil for DB9 use a good quality synthetic

You didn't indicate the year of the DB9 but I believe that the owners manual (which should have come with the car) and the service manual stipulate a Fully Synthetic 10W-60 oil meeting API specification SL/CF or ACEA specification A3/B3/B4. I have found that 10W-60 is hard to find and while there are BMW versions available I don't think you need to pay a premium for them as the most recent street brand names like Castrol and Mobile have even better additive packages.
Several manufacturers make fully synthetic oils and with later (better) specifications API SM or SN for example. Since the 10W-60 is very hard to find the manual also stipulates 5W-50 with the same API or ACEA specification. Castrol, Mobile and others make 5W-50 with API SL/SM/SN (the SM or SN are the latest specs and have better additive packages) and meeting ACEA A3/B3/B4 or better. I don't know your location but if you are in Europe or Asia the oils are probably labeled with the ACEA specs. I wouldn't buy oils that are not clearly labeled with meeting or exceeding either API or ACEA specs. Again, you should check your owner's manual just to make sure. Also, do not use oils that are not fully synthetic as they are not compatible with your engine and seals.
Unless you are going to aggressively race this car you are not likely to need 10W-60. The 5W-50 has a viscosity curve that would handle most driving conditions (even hard driving)and temperature ranges. Hope this helps.
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I have an '06 DB9 & the owners manual specifies Mobil 1 - 0W-40
BMW oil

I don't own an Aston Martin but would like to have a DBS someday. But I have owned various BMW's over many years and currently own four of them. The oil you are referring to is Castrol TWS 10W-60. BMW specifies it for use for all their recent M cars including M class Z cars. No need to pay retail dealer prices for this oil, there's dozen of BMW part retailer online that sell for less. Bimmerworld (who BMW's just scored a 1-2 win this past weekend in Indianapolis) shows Castrol 10W-60 for $13.99 per liter on their website.
One of the things to pay attention to is the Oil viscosity requirements such as 10W-60 and Castrol TWS certainly meets that however you also need to check to ensure that the particular oil also meets the API specification or the ACEA specification stipulated by the car manufacturer. I don't know what year of Aston you are seeking the oil for but my 2009 stipulates 10W-60 meeting at least API Spec SL or ACEA A3/B3/B4 or better. The Castrol TWS 10W-60 that I have tried to buy only meets API Spec SJ (an earlier spec.) While this may not make any difference the SL or later spec SM and SN contain different additives for wear reduction and reduced impact on catalytic converter catalyst life versus the SJ spec. I suggest you check your particular year on Aston's website for oil specification as well as viscosity index. So the bottom line is that there are two things to be concerned about the viscosity index (10W-60) and the specification either API or ACEA specification for your car - it does make some difference. I note that for my car they have flexibility on viscosity index (either 10W-60 or 5W-50) but no flexibility on API or ACEA specification - worth checking. The Castrol TWS may be fine if it meets the car requirements for API or ACEA specification but I wouldn't ignore it as it can impact engine wear, oil life and catalyst converter catalyst life.
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Engine Oil for DB9

Thanks everyone for input on the best lubricants for my 2006 DB9. I am going to see what I can find locally that meets the manufacturers specs.

Cheers, Ian
2006 DB9 Volante Oil Specs

After all of the input and advice I finally looked in the original owners manual that came with the car. One would think I would have started there!! Anyway, it specifies 0-W-40 Mobile 1 which does meet the API & ACEA specs.. I checked with a guy at Lordco who knew a lot about oil specs. and he said the Mobile 1 is a higher spec than the 10-W-60 BMW oil that Aston Martin Dealer was using. In a temperate climate -5 to 90 F I would think the 0-W-40 would be more than fine. How can one argue with the owners manual. It also said one could use 0-W-30. Wouldn't the 10-W-60 be harder on the motor in cold weather? Thanks again for the feedback.

Mobil 1 0-40 is good for low mileage engines and those where no other oil has been used. For high mileage engines Mobil 1 10-60 extended life would probably be a better bet and would likely reduce oil consumption.
In the UK this latter oil is readily available but is quite expensive at around £60 for 5 litres.
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