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Euro 500 Rally - A weekend of cars and fun

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The euro 500 rally name originates from Sacramento California’s original EuroSunday car meet. EuroSunday has continually put events in place to match the car enthusiasts and gear heads desire to have vehicle centric events that are surrounded by like-minded passionate drivers. The euro 500 is a European car rally winding through 500 miles of Northern California's engaging, sinuous, and scenic, highways and byways. Using Larry Stiver’s euro event coordination, Adam Cook’s zealous desire to “drive the design”, and Tim Taylor’s vast rally experiences, we present the euro 500 rally!
Event Information:

Taking place on April 26th and 27th of 2008 with the kickoff driver's meeting on Friday evening, April 25th, the 2008 euro 500 is an all-weather event with (in EuroSunday tradition) the super, exotics, rare, and vintage vehicles. Our target is to have half of the 50 vehicles represented by the vintage class in order to preserve the integrity of the original European rally concept. This rally will be $725 for two people (one vehicle) that will include a Starbuck's kickoff, lunch at Kirkwood Ski Resort, lodging/dinner/continental breakfast at the Peppermill Resort, Spa, and Casino, picnic lunch at Wright's Lake, and a fantastic finish at Frank's Asian Bistro following the amazing 500 mile trek through Northern California's twisty roads.

Register here:
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Happy holidays to everyone.
We have had some questions about bikes participating. Cost is for 2 riders on one bike or 2 riders on individual bikes.

If you plan on participating please send you application in soon as spaces for the rally are filling fast.

Look forward to seeing everyone out there for the first rally of the year.
There has been some confusion about the euro500rally. I want to clarify; any car can enter the rally. This not an exclusive exotic cars only run. Example Vipers, Vettes, Cobras, MG, Audi, BMW, Saleen, Ducati, Mercedes.

The event follows the EuroSunday tradition of welcoming everyone to
enjoy their cars and others for what they were meant to do. That is DRIVE! With your entry fee, everything has been taken care including rooms, food, maps, timing, parking, and guards/security. We've even arranged for no host bars and finding the gas stations for you.

We also provide a secure guarded parking space at the over night stop. Rain or shine (I'll wager rain for the 2008 spring), this packed weekend will be a great time!

I hope this clarifies most of the questions on the rally. Please feel free to email us through the website at
Hello Everyone

This is a friendly reminder to those of you who would like to participate in the Euro 500 Rally that the deadline is coming up fast. If you are interested in participating in the event we must have you application in ASAP! We need to know how many rooms to reserve for those who are participating.

Please email us if you have any direct questions about the rally.

Registration form:

Thank you
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