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EuroSunday Great Lakes

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This thread is for the EuroSunday events Great Lakes regions.

EuroSunday is a free informal event open to all local car and motorcycle clubs as well as individual owners. EuroSunday is geared towards the super exotic, rare, and vintage Euro cars and motorcycles. We do welcome all types of cars and motorcycles to attend and showcase their rides. This is an open invitation to all who can respect the location,attendees, vehicles, and the law.

As we wish to follow the forum rules we will post all event information for the Chicago / Great Lake to this thread only. All event updates and post event images will be kept in this thread. Please post comments and suggestions to this thread so we can continue to improve and grow with our events.

For full details on the event and posted event images please see

The image below will update with the new event dates for all the EuroSunday events.

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Thanks for this timely post about EuroSunday. I live within 75 miles of Chicago so I will definitely attend in the near future. A great way to see rare and vintage cars and also network.
Hope you were able to make it out to the event.

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