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Just passing the info along

Hello Again Car Enthusiasts!

It has been a while since everyone has heard from us; I hope everyone's summer has been enjoyable. These last two months have seemed like some of the busiest summer months in years. With all the events going on there has been little time to put events together. Having said that, I am very excited to announce a very special upcoming event that is a bit different from the Cars and Coffee we have been hosting this year. With the help of a LOT of people over the last month or so, we have been able to organize something that is panning out to be very special.

This day is not quite the Cars and Coffee event everyone has come to know and love but something a little more. With the help of Driven Perfection, Autotrader, The Beantown Sound, Heliops, and Plymouth Municipal Airport management would like to announce the 2009 Cars and Copters event organized to benefit the Saint Jude's Children Research Hospital.

Plymouth Municipal Airport has agreed to host this event by providing us with the use of a number of its fields. This guarantees space for roughly 500 vehicles. Located on site is “Plane Jane’s” restaurant. In addition to the onsite restaurant we are hoping to have a catering company onsite to provide attendees the option of fresh bbq(hamburgers, hotdogs and ribs). Coast Guard Cadets will be insuring a safe and organized atmosphere. The event promises to be the first of its kind in the area. For directions to the Plymouth Municipal Airport, click here

In addition to an amazing display of cars, Heliops will have its own fleet of helicopters on hand and for those interested short tours of the area by air will be taking place. To reserve your place please email [email protected]. In addition to Heliops’ fleet, we are hoping to secure a Blackhawk and Chinook for attendees to check out. Attendees will also be given the opportunity to win prizes via a raffle / helicopter ball drop. Prizes include a full detail from Driven Perfection. As mentioned ALL proceeds from the day will benefit Saint Jude's Children Research Hospital.

As always, please remember to be on your best behavior. This is a fully operational airport and still requires us to pay attention to federal regulations as well as many local laws. Please refrain from doing any donuts, burnouts, drifting or racing of any kind. Police will be on site, and we all know they’ll be waiting for us on the public roads. Do not give them any reason to stop you.

For those of you interested in sponsoring the event to keep costs down please send an email to [email protected].

Lastly, help us spread the word! Invite your family, friends, co-workers, or that
random person down the street with the rare car. The more people the better
and we certainly have no shortage of space at this location. This event is a shine only event and has a rain date of September 27th.

Once again, hope to see everyone there,
Peter (
[email protected]

Sam (The Beantown Sound)
[email protected]

Alex (Driven Perfection)
[email protected]

Wes (Heliops LLC)
[email protected]

Chris (Autotrader)
[email protected]
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