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Fabspeed gets a Rapide

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Recently at Fabspeed Motorsport we have had a very generous owner who has sent us many of his cars for exhaust and power upgrades, most recently sending us his brand new Aston Martin Rapide. The owner was looking for a little more sound as well as a nice increase in power to change the character of the car to fit it's personality.

Given the subtle and refined nature of the car we decided to keep the factory mufflers in place and to do a secondary catbypass to liven up the sound and the performance of the car. The gains in HP that were achieved throughout the entire RPM band are easily felt in the seat of the pants during acceleration and make for a welcome increase and ease of drive-ability. Combined with the power, the added sound complete the package of transforming the car into a subtle monster that is ready to go at a moments notice.

Attached are some photos of the car and the bypass pipes as well as a dyno graph. I will upload the video shortly :) Please contact me for forum member specials and availability.

Updated to reflect the new X-pipe design. Look at that dyno graph!!

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