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Fabspeed has recently been very fortunate to receive two of some of the rarest Porsche road cars ever made at the same time! Both owners were not satisfied with the sound of their cars from the factory and turned to Fabspeed in their search for a solution. Both cars received our full performance package including a Supersport 70mm x-pipe exhaust with HJS race cats (white car has Catbypass) our high flow headers and an EVOMSit tune.

With these upgrades the cars picked up 115HP and 150+ft lbs of torque at the tires! By nature of the turbo the GT2RS never really had sound to match the performance. Fabspeed was able to successfully create the most free flowing and powerful exhaust possible for the car that really livened up the tone and overall character of the car to a level that matches the performance.

It was really a pleasure to have both of these cars here at the same time and we look forward to doing more GT2RS cars in the future :banana:

Stock VS Performance Package

Performance Package Dyno

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