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Hey guys,

My name is Nick and I’m proud to be a Performance Specialist at Fabspeed. I have been with Fabspeed for about two and a half years working my way into retail sales from marketing. I am very knowledgeable in not only Aston Martin’s but all of our other manufactures as well. My passion for cars started when I was young; I grew up building muscle cars in my garage with my dad. I currently drive a modded 09 GMC Sierra Duramax, I know, not very sports car-esque, but I need it to get to and through the mountains where I try to spend my weekends. I love hunting, off shore fishing, and moving metal through my Walther PPQ among the other dozens of guns I enjoy.

I look forward to assisting everyone with your performance needs whether it be Fabspeed Motorsport products, custom wheels, or just general discussion. If you ever need anything, just let me know!

Nick Griglione
Performance Specialist

[email protected]
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