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Hey guys! This article is an excerpt from the Rezolution Motoring e-magazine website about the most recent Formula & Automobile Racing Association event at Homestead Motor Speedway in Miami, FL. It was an amazing event, and we wanted to share if with you because we knew you would be interested in it as well. Enjoy…

The sweet aroma of burnt rubber and the sound of squealing tires filled the air on December 20th-21st, 2008 at the Formula & Automobile Racing Association (FARA) event at the Homestead Motor Speedway in Miami, FL. FARA was established in South Florida and is an organization made up of mainly amateur and beginner level drivers and enthusiasts dedicated to the world of auto racing. FARA provides its members with the ability to practice their driving skills and fine-tune their techniques in an economical, safe, and equal fashion as they divide their members into classes based on driver skill and their race vehicles. Lead by Reinaldo “Tico” Almeida (President), Bob Van Epps (Race Director), Reinaldo Santos, and Elier J. Rodriguez; FARA is one of the most highly organized and widely acclaimed racing associations in the South-Eastern United States. FARA uses multiple classes to group its members and provide an equal playing field for them including; two classes of Formula Cars, two classes of Sport Racers, and four classes of Production Cars…

Check out the rest of the article and see all the rest of the pictures from the event at Make sure you subscribe for the FREE e-magazine to see more coverage when the magazine is released.
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