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This might pass muster as pro forma tough guy action movie acting, but anyone who’s known the levels of surprise the Penn of old could bring to almost any role will probably heave a sigh watching him here. Watch Get Hard Online Free

The entire cast is better on paper than on screen, really: Javier Bardem has an indulgent cameo as Terrier’s former partner, Ray Winstone is wasted and Idris Elba has very little reason for being in the film. Watch Insurgent Online Free

Only Jasmine Trinca, as Terrier’s former flame, shows some fire, though her character exists mainly to be rescued and to make Terrier out to be something less than a cold-blooded killer. Watch Cinderella Online Free

Movie isn’t a bad film per se, but it can’t decide whether it’s a generic thriller and a story about people with real emotions living in the real world. Watch Run All Night Online Free

It isn’t even the best movie about an assassin by a director named Pierre. That honour goes to Jean-Pierre Melville’s Le Samouraï (1967), a film that isn’t given to excessive wringing of the hands, a quality most unseemly in professional hitmen. Watch The Gunman Online Free

I misjudged Movie based on its trailer. I thought it was going to be a preachy political thriller, but it’s actually a Taken knock-off with Sean Penn starring as Liam Neeson Revenge Man. Watch Kingsman The Secret Service Online Free

Oh, there’s some moralizing—undoubtedly Penn used his power as producer and co-writer to tack on the geopolitical sermonizing—but Movie is more an attempt to reimagine Penn’s career as a 50+ action star a la Tom Cruise and Neeson than it is serious reflection on the current state of global affairs. Watch Do You Believe Online Free

It doesn’t work, partly because the movie is not good but also because Penn has turned into a sentient slab of beef jerky. Watch The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Online Free

The numerous shirtless scenes are a waking nightmare of veins and the skin of a thestral. I am haunted for having seen them. Watch Focus Online Free

The globe-hopping plot of Movie is almost hopelessly convoluted and it involves multiple double-crossings and assassinations mixed in with a message about first-world exploitation of third-world natural resources, in this case in the Congo. Watch Chappie Online Free

Directed by Pierre Morel, who also directed Taken, the action sequences are competent, but the tone of Morel’s B-grade style action movies doesn’t sit well with Penn’s thoughts on globalization. Watch The SpongeBob Movie Sponge Out of Water Online Free

Movie feels like two different movies with two different goals mashed together. It’s not that action movies can’t have a conscience, it’s just that a revenge thriller is not the best vehicle for political messages. Watch Fifty Shades of Grey Online Free

Revenge is a personal concept that works for personal stories—it doesn’t fit with larger questions about geopolitics. Watch Jupiter Ascending Online Free

Which brings us to the second issue—Sean Penn is not the kind of actor who can sell this role. It’s actually something Movie has in common with Insurgent. Watch The DUFF Online Free

Penn’s talent is not in question, but he’s not naturally sympathetic to the audience. In order to buy into Liam Neeson Revenge Man, we have to feel sympathy and fondness for the character. [Watch Unfinished Business Online Free/url]

We root for the likes of Neeson or Denzel Washington when they play morally compromised characters because they can charm us into liking them despite the characters’ personal failings. [url=]Watch The Lazarus Effect Online Free

But Penn doesn’t inspire sympathy or fondness, so Terrier just comes off as an asshole. Watch Paddington Online Free

There’s a theory that the so-called “geriaction” genre is fueled by post-recession fears and a desire to return to more straightforward masculine ideals like Clint Eastwood—men who got it done without the blown up muscles so common in today’s action movies. Watch The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 Online Free

Maybe that’s part of it, but I’m swayed more by the argument that the point of the 50+ action star is to reassure Baby Boomers—who are beginning to retire—that they’ve still got it. Watch The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies Online Free

If anything, I see “geriaction” movies as a direct response to the rise of the superhero and the stable of insanely beefcaked young male stars that play them. Watch Home 2015 Online Free
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