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I am looking to fill out the wheel arches on my V8. So I would like some easy advice on what I can do without modifying the car. (so I can return it back to stock if needed )

I heard that the common way is to go 11 mm on the front and 23 mm on the back. But for the front, you need some new ford transit wheel nuts ( does anyone know the size of nut/ reference ? ), and for the rears, you need the bolt-on type but you may have to reduce the original lugs down in length ( I am not to keen on this ) Any other spacer sizes/ advise would also be nice to know.

Here is my car and wheels, I am also going to upgrade the tyres from 235 x19 and 275 x19 to 245 and 285`s

Any advice from someone who has already completed this modification would be highly apperciated.


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