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Up for sale is the golden unicorn of hard-to-find-parts for an Aston Martin - a 6-speed manual transmission from an Aston Martin V8 Vantage. I had an issue with the differential in my 2010 Aston Martin V8 Vantage, and I ended up buying this entire transaxle to fix my issue. This transmission only has around 4,500 miles, and it looks extremely clean! Peering inside at the visible gears, everything looks mint with absolutely no traces of any debris anywhere.

This gearbox is over $20,000.00 new from Aston Martin, and new gearbox purchases require a core - or you're subject to a very hefty core charge.

I am asking $5,795.00 or best offer for this transmission outright, with NO CORE REQUIRED. I am a private party located in Southern California, and if you're not local, then this can be crated and shipped to you cheap! Send me a private message or post in this thread if you're interested.

The part number on this transmission is 6G33-7002-AF, and cross-compatible part numbers include 6G33-7002-AJ, 6G33-7002-AK and 6G33-7002-AL.

Click each picture below for a high-res picture!

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