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Found a good repair shop in NY

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I sent my DB7 to VIP AUTOMOTIVE in NY great guys there and they know everything about ASTON'S from the 50's to now very good price on the repair and is certified on ASTON they do everything there from full resto's to racing on everything FERRARI'S, ASTON, PORSCHE, CORVETTES, i seen some sick vettes there 1000hp sick
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good bodyshop for your aston martin and supercars..

enkahnz vehicle body specialist in the uk specialise in customizing and repairing prestige cars. ferraris, porsches, lambos, rolls royce and aston ofcourse. did a great proffesional paint job on my car. thanks and defo recommended:)
Where is VIP

Thanks for the tip, but a quick search gave me VIP auto group in NY. Seems they do leasing. No mention of service or AM. Got an address or link. Thanks.
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