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Fuel efficiency

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Hey everyone, had my 2011 rapide for a week now and i have been watching the gas needle “rapide-ly” (No pun intended) drop. I just filled up and reset my trip odometer to “0” to see how many miles i get out of a tank. When i filled it up using the top premium gas (US 93 octane) the dash read 380 miles till empty. I have been driving for 1 day (25 miles) and already notice 1/8 of the tank gone. By my calculations that means i will only get 200 miles to a tank? Is this accurate? Most driving is around town, not much highway…this is my daily driver so just want to ask if this is normal or is there maybe something going on that is using more cad than normal… no speeding or heavy foot here, trying to actually keep it pretty tame so i don’t go through a whole tank in 1 day!
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