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fuel pump i6

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a few questions. I believe my fuel pump is failing. Is there just one fuel pump and fuel filter in the 1998 DB7 Volante i6? I Does anyone know the correct fuel pressure reading? Can someone explain how to remove and replace the pump? Are there any alternative parts that can be used? Thanks for helping.
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Try the AMOC website for your answers; there is an alternative parts list and several threads on this very subject.
Hooray another i6.
You have two pumps and the XJS Jaguar has the same
l am told.Quite easy to get at,but have to depressurise
the system first.Take the two relays out of boot for pumps,
if you know which ones.If not take them all out.Then turn
engine over for a little while to make sure pressure gone.
You can then remove pumps.I would first take out in line
filter in nearside wheel arch under arch liner and beneath a cover
which you cannot miss.This filter needs regular changing,you
would think they would make it easier.I am looking for a place to move it
to save hassle.But it is easier than changing over pumps.If you do not
have a manual, buy a disc off ebay 10GBP gives parts and numbers,also
how to do the job.

While you are here the supercharger has a coupling in it which
rots in oil. You will notice a sort of rattle up front of it as it is wearing.
you can now buy one which does not rot down. ( ebay)
We are told all of the intake manifold and everything on top has
to come off,but have found a way with out.It is one bolt which is the problem
and why people strip it down.Have now found you can cut through bolt which
allows for changing of coupler.Still have to buy the kit ( oil and syringe with
instructions) But get that disc,it will save you loads.
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The pump will be in tank and is removed from top. If you
undo straps you can move tank far enough back to get at
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