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Hi all!

I'm a newbie here. I bought my i6 last August: a '98 Volante in Rolls Royce Peacock Blue (bespoke order, apparently), fulfilling a lifelong dream of owning an Aston. Fourteen years old but looking like fourteen months and only 43k miles on the clock I could scarcely believe my luck.

Being a retired auto development engineer I am reasonably au fait with the technicals but being retired I look to save a few bob as and where possible, although I wouldn't like to compromise my DB7 with tat.

A new set of tyres was needed and I only use Goodyears so a set of F1s were fitted. The ride, though, was poor - "fallolloping" is the best description - and the new tyres would soon suffer unless I replaced the worn out shock absorbers pretty soon.

Now, I expect AM parts not to be cheap, but, really!! I think I was quoted something like £900 to £1200 for a full set of six - two each side on the rear, of course - plus fitting.

Anyway, let me tell you that I found a set of six new shocks for £160, although I went for an alternative at just £204! These are proper gas shocks, made in Japan by a reputable maker and they have transformed my car: nice taught ride but not jarring or harsh at all. They weren't listed for the DB7, though - I went for a Jaguar XJS 4.0 Convertible since they are almost identical under the skin.

If it is of any help to you, they are KYB Gas-Adjust Shocks and I got them from Car Factors UK whom I found on eBay.

Or am I the only skinflint owner......
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