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Good/Bad experiences in your Aston

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Hi All,

I'm thinking of getting a V12V sooner or later this year. Aston sounds like a cool brand, but how good are they, really?

For those who have owned other sports cars, and then got yourselves an Aston, what is your experience? Love it? hate it?

Opinions valued.
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The early 2000's era cars which were heavily influenced by Ford are high maintenance and expensive. The cars are a labor of love.

When ownership changed in 2007 a lot changes were made and the cars seem to be much better quality. The new Astons are just as good as any of the other major exotic brands like Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini.
The DB7 experience

Here's my experience since I bought an automatic '01 coupe last fall for my daily driver (clement weather.) My previous car was a '97 BMW 840. That car was cushier & more advanced electronically. When new, even an 850CSI was a better buy than a DB7. I'm finding the DB7 is not a modern car. What balances the scale is that it's an Aston, which I never thought I could ever own, and it has that pedigree & exclusivity that few cars do. I bought the car with 18k on it & haven't had to do anything yet, other than to replace a key & the trunk struts. But I know maintenance is pricey. One more thing; make sure you have a battery tender as the battery will die after 2-3 weeks if car is not used.

Happy Motoring!
Having recently purchased my first Aston Martin - DB7 Volante - I agree entirely with the previous post. I have waited and dreamed of this for 45 years and still cannot believe I own one! Yes, I am one of the old school who believed in this make back in the 60s, 70s, 80s etc during all the ups and downs.
I had an M3 which I traded in for this car. It is far more modern, more equipment, much faster etc etc. But, when you park the car and passers by come over and start asking questions and admire the car, it makes it all worthwhile.
Yes, it is based on old 80s technology, but just look at it.........:D
Owning a DBS myself, I have to say that it is such a wonderful car to drive. I was honestly inspired to pick it up because of Casino Royale. Being a James Bond fan my whole life, I have always wanted an AM. Now, of course, I couldn't afford one when I was 10 and saw Goldfinger for the first time. As an adult I needed to have the DBS. It handles like a dream. For what it lacks in modernity in the console it more than makes up for with the fact that you're driving an Aston Martin and it's a dream!
I got my DB9 05 a few months ago. I always wanted a AM after seeing the DB5 in films when I was a kid. Although it is an 05 I brought it as my every day drive and have had no issues apart from a few interior trim rattles that I will get fixed when serviced. I have owned performance cars before and agree that you do not have many gadgets and comforts inside. However, if you did have gadgets you would probably kill yourself in the car when you took your eyes off the road to mess with them. This car is meant to be driven and needs respect and concentration. I sit and look at the amazing design of the car and would not dream of changing it....well until I replace it with a DBS in a few years of course:). For me, you can keep your F's, Porche and Maza's, Aston is a dream.
in Aston Martin u will not found allot of stuff, its only a big engine, cool looking car and the Stupid Luxury kkkkkk (leather and wood etc..)

i think u should think why u want AM is it for speeding or showing or comfortable ...... ??

All good comment, any bad comment ? LOL... V12, just go ahead with it ! I love the performance of V, although mine only V8..

Comfort I vote 10
Driving position i vote 10
Body design i vote 10
Throttle respond i vote 6

1 - lowest
10 - best
:DI hope you do decide to buy yourself a V12V. I have had mine for 18 months and love it. It delivers the driver a raw driving experience tinged with an absolutely intoxicating sound and beautiful exterior design. [The interior design is ergonomically not perfect].
I have always [and still am] a Porsche enthusiast and miss the 911 [Had an 2004 GT3 RS for a bit] just can’t afford to have a garage full otherwise I would have both.
Sadly the depreciation on the AM is very high here is NZ in comparison to Porsche models which tend to hold there price better. What I like though is that there aren’t that many AMV12V’s in the country and it makes mine seem more special being a Carbon Black edition. Do let us know if you end up getting one and what you think?
The service and parts cost too much in the local dealer.
The engin is v12 but its that much power other car v10 or v8 and they sre more power

Ok lets talk about the db9
Its not thats much loud sound the engine sound is louder
The auto gearbox is rubish in racing

Cant say its bad car or good, but my db9 is for sale and ithink this week its will be done

Love my DB7 Vantage Volante, wish I had bought one earlier.

I have all of the P.O.s dealer invoices for work done over the years, they screwed him royaly IMO, I will avoid going there at all costs.

Had a good look around the car and had it up on a lift, it looks no more difficult to work on than my V12 Jag.

Owning an Aston Martin is definately a special experience, I feel like I have really made it now! :lol:
i want to add the speedometer its look great but cant read the speed easly

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